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Since late December of 2016, I was seriously looking for a Hard Money Loan since I knew that I would Not Qualify for a regular loan due to my credit being recently ruined through Fraudulent Activity that was caused over the internet without my signature, authorization and I was out of the country as well when it happened and I also have a Valid Police Report to Back Myself Up 100%, along with Letters From Legal Aid To Prove My Innocence. In any case, I was in contact with Bradley Hughes, owner of Westar Lending Group and I honestly thought that his company was Right For Me, but Boy Was I Wrong!

However, when we started talking earlier on, I told him that the reason of Why I approached his company was because his advertisements state that he does loans which do Not Require Excellent Credit and do Not Require Income Verification! In Addition, he told me that I would also Not Require An Appraisal as well and so based upon all of these circumstances, I believed his company was Right For Me! Well, I went through his online application process with him and provided everything that he needed and he told me that he would get back to me. Well, he did and told me that the type of Hard Money Loan that I would Qualify for would be for 9% and I could get anywhere from 3-5 years Without Having Any Appraisal, whatsoever.

I told him that that would be fine and that I am Interested. I must have waited nearly a month before he got back to me with any Potential News and I can Not Stress On How Many Times I Have Called And Emailed Him about it because I knew how important this loan to me. Even my California Licensed Contractor had called him and emailed him about it because of the long waiting and stalling to get an answer from Bradley Hughes. Eventually I did get an answer from him almost one (1) month later and the Bad News was that he could Not Offer Me The Loan That He Had Promised And Gave Me On Paper For The 9%.

He claimed that none of his investors would offer me anything at that 9% Rate and that the Only Thing That One Of His Investors Could Possibly Offer Me Was Just A One Year Loan For A Louzy 11%, Plus I Would Have To Pay An Additional $400.00 or so to have an Appraisal! Well this is Not What Bradley Hughes had said to me, nor offered Me From The Very Beginning! Not Even Close! I did ask him to search for other investors Who Can And Are Willing To Offer Me The Original 9% Rate that Bradley Hughes told ME would be available to ME, however, he NOW claims that NONE of his investors would ever offer me a rate that low.

Get Real? Well, I told him that I would get a second opinion elsewhere to search for a much Better Loan And Rate from a company that was Much More Honest And More Legitimate than Bradley Hughes from the Westar Lending Group and Fortunately, I Found One for 9% and even without that *** $400.00 Appraisal Fee and For At Least Five (5) Years. Can You Believe It? In Fact, I am going to the Capital City Of Buenos Aires, Argentina to Sign The Documents On Thursday, February 23, 2017 so Yes, I am finally Happy and Excited About It!

What A Relief? However, I am NOT Happy, Nor Excited about Westar Lending Group's Lies, Games and Dishonesty Practices. Enclosed, in my (21) pages of documents, please find copies of most of the communication that I had with Bradley Hughes about my 9% Loan which Never Existed for your reference and further review. Based on what I had gone through with Bradley Hughes from Westar Lending Group in such a short period of time, I would Never Recommend Them To Anybody Seeking Out A Legitimate, Honest Hard Money Loan and/or Any Loan For All That Matters!

No Way, Jose! Thanks, but No Thanks.

Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset Non-Westar Lending Group Customer /HPS Enclosures: Please See The Attachments For (21) Pages Of Copies Containing Most Of The Communication That I Have Had With Bradley Hughes From The Westar Lending Group For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: they need to stop lying to people and pretending to offer their clients so called loans that do NOT even exist for them, period, end of conversation. they suck big time!.

I didn't like: Bradley hughes offered me a 9 percent loan that did not exist, Bradley hughes took nearly one month to give me an answer, Bradley hughes later on required an appraisal 1 month later, Bradley hughes 5 year loan ends up being for only 1 year.

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Mr. Shore failed to inform our company when he called us that his property had a Lien Notice recorded against his property by the City of Los Angeles titled:


(See attached City Lien Notice)


Shore further failed to tell us that the City of Los Angeles was requiring the demolition of the real of the property.

This is a BIG material FACT that he failed to mention in his unfounded Negative Review of our company.

Our company is a Real Estate Lending Company and the condition of the property that we are requested to lend on is always an important factor in our company’s decision to extend credit. The facts and specifics of the Proposed Loan Transaction to Mr. Shore went in the following manner: 1. Around December 15, 2016 Mr.

Shore contacted our company stating that he was in Argentina and indicated to our company that he wanted to borrow on a property he owned in Los Angeles, California. 2. Mr. Shore stated that he was going to be in Argentina until July 2017………… no one from our company ever met Mr.

Shore or ever charged him a penny for our company’s initial investigative services. Our only contact with Mr. Shore was by phone and E-Mail. 3.

Mr. Shore stated that he owned the Subject Property located in Los Angeles, California and further stated that the Subject Property had no liens and was owned Free & Clear. 4. Based on the representations by Howard Shore relating to his FICO Score we determined that our company could arrange a loan from a Private Investor at a 9% interest rate.

We provided Mr. Shore a full set of Loan Disclosures fully disclosing the proposed loan with the associated costs. The documents clearly stated that “This is not a commitment to Lend”. 5.

Upon inspection of the Subject Property by our company it was discovered that the Subject Property was in far worse condition than was initially disclosed to our company by Mr. Shore. 6. The property had plastic tarps covering opening in the Subject Property where construction had NOT been completed in addition to the Subject Property appearing to have numerous “Other” unfinished construction work.

7. Our company was also later informed that there was a Notice of Building(s), Structure(s), or Premises Classified as Either Hazardous, Substandard or Nuisance – Abatement Proceedings), this city lien notice was recorded against subject Property. 8. Our company was also able to confirm that the City of Los Angeles was requiring the demolition of the rear of the Subject Property, since it was built without required city permits and necessary building inspections 9.

The loan request by Mr. Shore required construction financing not a standard Private Equity Loan that we initially were led to believe we could provide to Mr. Shore when we initially spoke with him over the phone. Private Investors that fund loans at 9% would not consider funding the type of loan that Mr.

Shore was requesting from our company. 10. Our company was able to finally get a loan commitment from a Private Investor who was willing to fund a construction loan to Mr. Shore.

The Investor initially wanted a 12% interest rate to fund the loan, but we were able to convince him to agree to fund the loan for 11% and to not charge Mr. Shore any inspection fees and any other charges. 11. Our company agreed to abide by ALL original disclosed costs and charges.

Mr. Shore was not happy with the 11% Interest Rate our company was finally able to offer to him. He demanded that we locate another investor who would fund him a loan at 9%. We contacted all our Private Investors that were willing to consider funding loans at 9% and they all declined to fund Mr.

Shore’s loan request due to the Subject Property condition and the recorded City’s Substandard Lien. Mr. Shore would not accept our company’s reason as to why we could not provide him a 9% Private Equity loan. Mr.

Shore was NEVER charged a penny by our company or by anyone else associated with our company, he simply decided to NOT move forward with the potential loan our company was finally able to offer him. Mr. Shore’s response was to simply state that he would “contact other companies for financing”. Our company’s policy is to always do the best we can for our clients by attending to their wants and needs.

We truly hope that our response to Mr. Shore’s posted negative review provides some clarity as to our company’s phone and E-Mail relationship with Mr. Shore. To the best of our knowledge Mr.

Shore is the first client who has been unhappy with our company’s services and the real estate financing programs our company provides. We are happy to further discuss this matter in greater detail should the need arise.

We always welcome the opportunity to provide real estate financing to any and all Borrowers. Thank You, Westar Lending Group

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